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Loss Control & Risk Management

In an uncertain world it is impossible to eliminate the possibility of loss. No matter what your organization’s focus is there is always going to be a chance of loss. At Ministry Advantage we are experts at assisting in reducing risk so that your insurability is not in jeopardy. The safer the organization, the more attractive your organization is to the insurance carrier. No matter what the exposure, we have a solution that will fit your needs:

    • Sexual Harassment Training
    • Sexual Misconduct Policies and Procedures
    • Property Inspection
    • Building Valuation
    • Driver Safety and Selection
    • Employee Safety
    • Workers Compensation Claims Review
    • Youth Activities
    • Handling Money
  • Disaster Preparedness

Preventing Sexual Misconduct Packet

Download all of these files as one single PDF document, or download the individual sections below.
Download All

Preventing Sexual Misconduct

A great starting reference for why and how to prevent Sexual Misconduct in your organization.

Sample Protection Policy

Use this customizable policy to help set up your own written protection plan.

Sample Youth Worker Application

Use this customizable application to help gather information from volunteers who will be working with minors.

Sample Reference Check

Use this customizable document for reference checks on individuals who will be working with minors in your organization.

Sample Response Plan

Use this reference for setting up your own Response Plan in the event of a Sexual Misconduct event.

Sample Incident Report

Use this customizable report for documenting the details of any incident or allegation involving a minor.

Background Checks

A guide to help you with conducting background checks and how to use the results.

Responding to Sex Offenders

Some facts and tips for addressing a known sex-offender in the organization.

For more information regarding Loss Control/Risk Management, please call us toll free at 888.288.9953 to speak with one of our experienced Customer Service Representatives, and they will be happy to serve you.